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2008-05-04 : Decklist Builder 1.8.0 available
This version introduces the new custom tournament format feature along with some export features for the Pelennor Fields forum members.
  • Added last known promo cards 0P125 to 0P129.
  • Added new deck export format with [card][/card] BBCodes for The Pelennor Fields board.
  • Added new card export formats to the card display window. When you click on the export button, a popup menu allow the selection of the format.
  • Added a new 'Custom' deck format based on a selectable external definition file. The file defines the quantity allowed for each card of all the sets.
    This definition file is selectable in the 'Custom format' tab of the Options screen.
    A filter for this format is added to the formats list.
    This format is tested during the deck check, but there is no sites block selection available, as the allowed site path is defined by the format itself.
    For more information about the custom format definition file, please read any of the samples files installed inside the 'CustomFormats' folder of the software installation.
  • Added new indicator to the cards lists for the custom format legality.
    The indicator is a 'C' letter inside a colored button. A grey color means the card is illegal for the selected custom format. Red background indicates a restriction and green background indicates that 4 or more copies of the card are allowed.
  • Added legality indicator to the sites lists for Standard and Custom formats. Also the cards with corrections or clarifications has a special indicator.
  • Loading times for the collection and card pictures definition files are improved.
You can read the Readme.txt file here.
You can download it here.

Discussion and support forum
A new forum is up for support, help and suggestions on the Decklist Builder.
Though the forum is globally dedicated to the french players community, an english support section is present and the rest of the forum is open to english-speaking members.

To access directly the english section of the forum, click on the following banner:

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